About Us

Thomas and Ruby Henson

who we are

EuroClean has now been entrusted to the Henson family since 2021. Thomas and Ruby have always had a passion for quality and value throughout their work. With a combined background in finance analytics, mechanical engineering, and property renovations. They are excited to bring EuroClean to the next level with continuous improvements reflected in our work.

EuroClean Team

about our history.

Olga Diehl founded EuroClean in 2002. Olga immigrated to the U.S. looking for a new beginning, and with her exceptional home cleaning service, she soon amassed a large clientele. Olga’s business philosophy is to offer customers a service that does more than merely clean their home but also provides a fresh start and added time for enjoyment in their day. With Olga now as a consultant, we strive to maintain her vision throughout our business.

our mission

  • Deliver value through the development and management of smart, outcome-based programs that solve clients’ challenges
  • Make a noticeable difference to the businesses we serve, the communities in which we operate, and the staff which we employ

our values

  • Integrity – Demonstrating openness and honesty at all times
  • Commitment – Calling on passion and persistence to deliver excellence
  • Innovation – Exhibiting curiosity, committing to exploration and evolution
  • Safety and sustainability – Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our clients, our staff, and the environment
  • Ownership – Empowering staff to be accountable and responsible
  • Loyalty – Building strong connections with customers and staff
  • Respect – Behaving positively and professionally